Short overview statement of artist and current painting project

Hi my name is John Adams, I am a painter who works in acrylics. My work combines abstract expressionism with representation.

Currently my paintings are about environmental and ecological issues. Recently working on a series titled ‘Animals Matter’ high-lighting extinction and how animals are struggling to survive because of humans. I was painting reptiles because they have been surviving so many millions of years, they look ancient and they are kind of asking the question, what are you doing? Why are you destroying the World?

Since the Covid-19 lock down I have been using dumped materials ( Corrugated metal sheets ) removed from beaches, this further highlights the disastrous amounts of human waste in the oceans and what animals have to deal with.

I am currently engrossed in a project started since the Covid-19 Lock down, and spending more time walking the beaches of Cork Harbour in the Cobh area. I have been appalled at the human detritus everywhere and the amount of it. So many types of plastic and other rubbish. I encountered much corrugated metal sheets rusted and discarded in such a haphazard way on the beach close to the town.

I was struck immediately how interesting these metal sheets were one could easily see how colour and images could enhance them, I have started using them as my canvas, they are not blank its almost like they are have been weathering away for years waiting to be ready to be painted on. This is something I really am excited about on many different levels. Visually they are stunning, the colours of the rust and the metal are striking and inspire. I have been painting sea animals highlighting their struggle to survive in the ocean.